Empty the Tanks Worldwide Protest Ric O'Barry from The Cove wears green cross organic t-shirt American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

"The power of a t-shirt:
A t-shirt is a small billboard to
share your stance. An organic t-shirt keeps destructive chemicals out of
the ground. A t-shirt is a tool for an organization to raise money and to promote its cause. A t-shirt can
spark change."

EcoJoia | Organic clothing benefiting our partners:

Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project
Earthrace Conservation
Bright Sea
American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
New Life Animal Sanctuary
Free Morgan Foundation
Orca Network
EcoJoia Fund
Empty The Tanks
Proyecto Huella
Shelter Dogs with Jobs
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Official Dolphin Project Gear Benefiting Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project.

Japanese Activist Yoshi, working in Japan to end the Dolphin Slaughters